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Our purpose of providing this free service is to help those people who can not afford Higher coaching classes to prepare for competitive exams like jee, ccc, tat, gpsc, upsc. Everybody can join this website for free. We do not charge any kind of fees. Students can easily improve their General Knowledge by joining this website on computer or even mobile devices anywhere.

Gktestonline.com is the easiest website to check your general knowledge.

You instantly start getting questions with multiple options. You just have to click the right answer according to you, then unlike other websites, You don't have to click "show answer" each time you answer. The system itself will show you, the given answer is right or not just after you click it. If the answer is wrong, It will also show you the correct answer immediately.

What's so special about us?

GKtestonline.com can be viewed in all types of devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, iPod, iPad, Mobile Phones with various Operating Systems as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Symbian.